Jason Donders

Hey Total Pro Sports readers, Jason Donders here. I was born in Staten Island, NY in 1990 and have lived here my whole life (for those that don’t know, Staten Island is one of the five boroughs of NYC). I love living in New York City, and don’t think I can ever leave this place. Being in this great city has opened me up to some of the best sports teams, as I am a Knick, Yankee, and Ranger fan, with the Knicks being my passion. I almost live and breathe the blue and orange, and although they aren’t too good right now, I have the utmost faith in them, and they will be good soon, just wait.

Being a Yankee fan when I was younger was great, as I lived the 1990s Yankee dynasty and being a fan of a team that always does well is awesome. Hockey is not really my thing, but the Rangers are my team when I do watch it once in a while. I love the NBA, and although some people believe college basketball is more fun to watch and to follow (I agree on some accounts), the NBA is really where it’s at.

I have previously written for a site called NYC Sports Network. I found an ad for this site looking for writers, and after looking at the site, I could not pass up on the opportunity. This site is a lot of fun to read and write for, and once I had looked around, I told the creator of this site I would love to write. I have been doing mainly NBA, but you will see in the future articles on other sports come up here and there when I have something good to write about.

Currently I am a freshman at St. John’s University with a major in Sport Management, and hope to one day work in either marketing or media/public relations.

Jason Donders can be reached at [email protected] with any comments, questions, or ideas.