Jonathan Ganci

Jonathan GanciEver since I was born sports have been in my blood. Growing up in Brighton, Michigan, a community 45 minutes  West of Detroit, I grew up enjoying the changing of the seasons marking the changing of sports.

I’ve played hockey, soccer  and basketball in some capacity but my first love is baseball. Countless hours of my life have been spent on the diamond either in high school, travel, or in the front yard with my two younger brothers.

I love the Pistons and Red Wings, but most of all the Detroit Tigers. I have many memories of watching Cecil Fielder smash home runs into the right-field porch at The Corner and Lou Whitaker and Alan Trammel turning double plays.

Ironically, I am not a Lions fan. I have rooted against them as since Bill Clinton was in office. Instead my allegiance lies with the Philadelphia Eagles, mainly because of man-crush on Donovan McNabb.
I attend Michigan State University  and naturally am a Spartan fan. At MSU,  I study journalism and business. I hope one day to write for a major newspaper and do radio work or work for a sports organization.

My favorite sports figures are the before mentioned Donovan McNabb, Steve Yzerman, but most of all Ozzie Smith.

It’s hard for me to imagine a life without 24-hour sports coverage, fantasy sports seemingly year round, and my favorite time of the year March Madness.

I look forward to giving you my insight on various sports but mainly NCAA basketball, the NFL, and the MLB.