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  • BJ Penn Disses George St.Peirre

    BJ Penn Disses George St.Peirre

    Total Pro Sports-  This weekend is all about Superbowl XLIII, but don’t forget to watch UFC 94: St.Pierre vs Penn 2,on Saturday night.  This UFC will feature one of the most anticipated fights of year, between BJ Penn and George St. Pierre.  This is a rematch of a 2006 fight, which saw St.Pierre win in a split decision. It seems […]

  • Fedor Emelianenko Will Annihilate Arlovski

    Fedor Emelianenko Will Annihilate Arlovski

    Total Pro Sports-  The main reason to watch Affliction: Day of Reckoning tomorrow night, is to see Fedor “The Last Emperor” Emelianenko dismantle Andrei “The Pit-bull” Arlovski.  Fedor has quite simply been the best Heavyweight in MMA over the last 5 years and should easily dispose of the the Poddle, I mean the Pit-bull.  Any […]

  • Jeff Monson: UFC and Anarchy

    Jeff Monson: UFC and Anarchy

    Total Pro Sports-  Everybody loves an athlete with an opinion, from Charles Barkley to Sean Avery, there always seems to be an athlete doing or saying something controversial.  The latest example of an athlete who gets in trouble for his personal opinion is Jeff Monson, who takes it to another level. Monson, a former UFC […]

  • Worlds Most Dangerous Senior Citizen

    Worlds Most Dangerous Senior Citizen

    Total Pro Sports-  Some of you will recognize this man on the left, for those of you who don’t, his name is Mark Coleman.  Mark is an MMA fighter and has been for a long time, a really long time.  He is 44 years young and this Saturday you can watch him get in the […]

  • UFC 92 ‘The Ultimate 2008′ Preview

    UFC 92 ‘The Ultimate 2008′ Preview

    After another solid event put on by the UFC at UFC 91, focus shifts to the biggest card of the year. UFC 92: The Ultimate 2008, will take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. With two titles on the line, and part three of a vicious rivalry between Quinton Jackson and […]

  • Corey Hill Kicks His Leg In Half Video

    Corey Hill Kicks His Leg In Half Video

    Total Pro Sports – In one night we experienced 2 of the most gruesome injuries ever.  They all took place during the UFC Fight Night 16 “Fight For The Troops”. Corey Hill spent his whole career training to become a top notch UFC fighter.  All his glory ended in 2 minutes.  After trying to land […]

  • Steve Cantwell Breaks Razak Al-Hassan Arm Video

    Steve Cantwell Breaks Razak Al-Hassan Arm Video

    Total Pro Sports – After watching the UFC Fight Night 16 “Fight For The Troops”, I learned the importance of tapping out during a fight. Steve Cantwell caught Razak Al-Hassan in a strong arm bar and proceeded to snap his arm out of place.  If I was in the ring I definitely would have tapped […]

  • UFC Fight Night 16 Review

    UFC Fight Night 16 Review

    Total Pro Sports-  The UFC put on a great show last night live on Spike to help benefit the injured troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. Considering UFC Fight Night: Fight For The Troops was a free event I thought that most, if not all of the fights, were very exciting.  The main event in particular was really good, as Josh Koscheck almost […]

  • UFC Fight Night 16: Preview and Picks

    UFC Fight Night 16: Preview and Picks

    Total Pro Sports – Tomorrow night we have a decent card “UFC Fight Night 16″ on televison with some great fighters, all for free on Spike TV. For you gamblers out there I put together three fights worthy enough to bet on them and make a quick buck from the Sports Book.  Lines may change […]

  • UFC 91 Preview

    UFC 91 Preview

    Total Pro Sports – Well UFC 90 turned out to be a big disappointment, especially the final bout between Silva and Cote. But never fear because UFC 91 is here! Okay, sorry for the corny/cheesy line but this weekend’s PPV looks to be a very good one. In fact Dana White has come out and […]

  • UFC 90 Preview

    UFC 90 Preview

    Total Pro Sports – UFC, the biggest league in the fastest growing sport in North America Mixed Martial Arts aka MMA, hits Chicago this Saturday, October 25 for UFC 90: Silva vs Cote. Now there’s a total of 10 fights for the card, so instead of boring you all and making this a massive article […]

  • Rampage Roadrage

    Rampage Roadrage

    I guess most of you have heard by now that former UFC champ Rampage Jackson had a run in with the police yesterday in California. It seems that Mr. Jackson got in a little traffic accident then decided to flee the scene. It is never a good idea to do this, just ask Marshawn Lynch. […]

  • Ultimate Fighter: Finale Picks

      The much anticipated finale of the Ultimate Fighter: Team Rampage vs. Team Forest is set for tonight at 9pm in Las Vegas.  Here is a look at the main fights on the card:   Main Event: Evan Tanner vs. Kendall Grove The Fight:  Evan Tanner has looked weak in last couple fights, look for […]

  • Matt gets mangled

    For anyone who watched the UFC last night you must have noticed two things, my picks sucked and Matt Hughes got destroyed.  Prior the fight it was announced that Alves had not made the required weight of 170 pounds.  This gave Matt Hughes the option of not taking the fight, However, Hughes being a warrior […]

  • Look…UFC 85 picks

    The latest UFC card is set for tonight in London, England.  Many people are disappointed by this card because the scheduled main event of Liddell vs. Evans had to be postponed due to an injury to Liddell.  However, the card should have some excitement with the likes of Matt Hughes and Michael Bisping.  Here is […]