• Andre Iguodala Dunks Over Yao Ming

    Andre Iguodala Dunks Over Yao Ming

    Total Pro Sports – The surging Philadelphia 76ers stole a game from the Houston Rockets in Houston yesterday 95-93. The 76ers were led by Andre Iguodalawho had 20 points, 3 rebounds, and 1 assist, but that wasn’t the story of the night.  6’6″ Iguodala made headlines last night for his alley-oop dunk over Rockets 7’6″ […]

  • Great Confidence Booster For Leafs Justin Pogge!

    Great Confidence Booster For Leafs Justin Pogge!

    Total Pro Sports – What is going through The Toronto Maple Leafs minds when they call up a goaltender from their farm team for one game? Justin Pogge is known to be a great prospect and the future number one goaltender for the Toronto Maple Leafs, however, if he continues to be sent back and forth […]

  • Turn Back The Television

    Turn Back The Television

    Total Pro Sports – A lot has been said over the years on what to do when it comes to increasing the popularity of hockey, the NHL specifically, in the United States of America. Most of the time it involves different rule changes on the ice such as changing the dimensions of the net and […]

  • What’s Going Wrong In Wisconsin?

    What’s Going Wrong In Wisconsin?

    Total Pro Sports – One of the biggest stories in college basketball right now is not what’s happening at the top of the rankings, it is what’s happening off the charts as Wisconsin tumbles down the Big Ten standings. For the first time in Bo Ryan’s career as Wisconsin head coach, the team has lost […]

  • A High School S-TORRE

    A High School S-TORRE

    Total Pro Sports – By now I assume that all of you have heard the buzz surrounding the new Joe Torre book, “The Yankee Years“. The book co-written by baseball guru Tom Verducci ( Sports Illustrated ) and published by Doubleday. The book is scheduled for release on February 3rd. I have been listening and […]

  • UFC 94 Preview And Predictions

    UFC 94 Preview And Predictions

    Total Pro Sports – Another great UFC card in a jam packed month of MMA. UFC 94 will feature a rematch between welterweight champ George St-Pierre and lightweight champ, BJ Penn. We’ll get back to that later. Other then the blockbuster main event, the card is peppered with solid fights such as light heavyweight contenders […]

  • Ray Emery Fights Trainer On The Bench

    Ray Emery Fights Trainer On The Bench

    Total Pro Sports-  Former Ottawa Senators goalie Ray Emery, was caught on camera yesterday assaulting Atlant Mytishchi the trainer for his the Russian Hockey team that he currently plays for.  This guy can’t seem to do anything right lately and it was not that long ago that he was playing in the Stanley Cup Finals. […]

  • Raiders Reportedly Hire Tom Cable

    Raiders Reportedly Hire Tom Cable

    Total Pro Sports – If your ever in the Bay area and interested in taking your kids to the circus there is one in Oakland, California, the address is 7000 Coliseum Way, the building is known as McAfee Coliseum home of the Oakland Raiders. A proud fan base has watched their team crumble since their […]

  • Andrew Bynum Fouls Gerald Wallace Hard

    Andrew Bynum Fouls Gerald Wallace Hard

    Total Pro Sports – Gerald Wallace of the Charlotte Bobcats suffered a partially collapsed left lung and a partially cracked rib, in a double overtime victory over the Los Angeles Lakers 117-110. Wallace tried driving the lane on Lakers center Andrew Bynum, who then threw out his hip and arm to try and defend the […]

  • Alexander Ovechkin Learns To Fly

    Alexander Ovechkin Learns To Fly

    Total Pro Sports-  Anyone who was watching the Washington Capitals and the Boston Bruins game last must have been thinking that Alexander Ovechkin seriously injured himself, after flying into the boards head first.  Miraculously he is ok and he even returned to finish the game.  What a machine this guy is, just when you think […]

  • Trojan Unwrapped – David Beuhler

    Trojan Unwrapped – David Beuhler

    Total Pro Sports – These past few weeks pictures of place kickers in college football have surfaced in sexual and erotic poses. First it was Jake Hogue from Ball State and supposed Abercrombie model Sarah Bakian, in an article we titled, “The Ball State Kicker Knows How To Have Fun”. The other day it was the Stanford mascot that was […]

  • What’s Up With Marbury, and Where is He Going?

    What’s Up With Marbury, and Where is He Going?

    Total Pro Sports – As a die hard Knick fan, this story belittles my mind every day. Stephon Marbury and the Knicks organization have been working on a buyout on and off since the very beginning of the season, and most Knick fans have the same mindset as I do; buy him out, get it […]

  • Detroit Inks Zetterberg

    Detroit Inks Zetterberg

    Total Pro Sports – We have been following this story for several weeks now, our questions have finally been answered. A report coming from The Booth Newspaper says that Henrik Zetterberg has signed a 12 year extension worth $72 million. Zetterberg has spent his entire six year career with the Red Wings and will most […]

  • 2009 Mock NFL Draft: 2.0

    2009 Mock NFL Draft: 2.0

    NFL Mock Draft: | 1.0 | 2.0 | Ending (January 27/09) We have updated to NFL Mock Draft 3.0 Check it out! Total Pro Sports – Introducing the Total Pro Sports Mock Draft, version 2.0, featuring rounds one AND two! It is our intention to add more, more, MORE to this section as the draft […]

  • NBA Power Rankings: Week 13

    NBA Power Rankings: Week 13

    Week: | Pre – 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9-10 | 11 | 12-13 | Ending (January 25th) Total Pro Sports – The Lakers stay at the top this weeks NBA Power Rankings, but the Boston Celtics will definitely jump to the #1 spot […]