Eli Manning Denies Using a ‘Trump’ Audible vs. Rams This Week (Video)


We know that the Manning family is famous for its colorful audibles, but Eli had to walk back some reporters who thought that he was using Donald Trump’s name at the line of scrimmage. He appeared to be shouting during the game at the line of scrimmage, “Trump call, Trump call …. nah, no Trump call. No Trump call.” 

Was it a Trump call or wasn’t it, Eli? Make up your mind.

Have a listen for yourself:

The QB spoke about the call after the game and didn’t give people much to go on. He said, “We have something very similar, but no, it was not a Trump. It was not an audible this week. Nothing there.”

Why do I feel that when a person says there’s nothing there that there’s really definitely something there?

Anyway, we’ll have to wait for the Hilary Clinton call next week before we decide whether or not we’re really onto something.

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