UFC’s Polyana Viana Explains How She Beat The Crap Out of A Guy Who Tried To Rob Her (VIDEO)

The average criminal isn’t very bright. Combine that with the face that they more than likely think all women are easy targets, and you get this guy who got stomped out and arrested for his troubles.

UFC fighter Polyana Viana was waiting for an Uber outsider her flat in Rio’s West Zone when she was approached by a man claiming to have a gun

Viana told website MMA Junkie she had floored the mugger with two punches and a kick, thinking he would not have time to draw the gun because he was so close to her.

She then held him in a rear-naked choke before making him sit and wait for police, when she discovered the weapon was actually a cardboard replica of a pistol.

The 26-year-old fighter explained more to TMZ:

“After that [I] just threw a kick to his face and that’s the damage you all saw in the photos.”

Polyana says those shots took the fight outta the alleged thief … so then it was just about subduing the guy ’til cops arrived.

“He sat where he was and [I] grabbed him in a rear naked choke. He tried to hip escape a little bit. [I] was afraid he had a knife or anything that could hurt [me.] So, [I] didn’t want to lose that position.”

Authorities showed up, arrested the man and hauled him off to jail.

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