Clemson O-Lineman Has EPIC Response To Memes Of Him Staring At Trump’s Fast Food Buffet (TWEETS)

There were plenty of jokes to come from the fast food buffet that Donald Trump served to the Clemson Tigers football team during their visit to the White House on Monday. Among them was a meme of Tigers offensive lineman Matt Bockhorst holding two Big Macs in his plate while staring at the rest of the food with a big smile on his face.

Here’s the image:

After this photo started making the rounds on social media, the jokes began pouring in…

And Bockhorst had an answer for every one of them.

It started with this:

Can’t argue with him there.

Athletic AND smart!

Yes, Bockhorst is a lover…a lover of food!

Check and mate. Well played, young man.

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