P.K. Subban In Complete Disbelief After Opponent Bit His Finger (VIDEO)

When it comes to altercations in the National Hockey League, you expect to see to big guys throwing hands with each other almost every single game. What you don’t expect to see is a Mike Tyson type of situation to jump off.

During a game against the Golden Knights game in Las Vegas — Nashville Predators star P.K. Subban had his finger bitten by Pierre-Edouard Bellemare after he came to his teammate’s defense.

Bellemare was not penalized in the incident, even though Subban screamed towards the refs of what happened to him. Following the game, he confirmed what many suspected:

“He bit me. My finger was bleeding,” Subban said, as per Ryan Quigley of Knights on Ice. “All I tried to do was grab him. I grabbed him by the head to pull him up and he bit me. I don’t know how I walk out of there with four minutes in penalties.”

Bellamare gave his account of the incident as well:

“I’m in front of the net trying to get the rebound and suddenly I’m in a headlock with an entire glove in my mouth and I’m choking,” Bellemare told Vince Sapienza of FOX-5. “He started yelling like, ‘I bit him, I bit him.’ I don’t know what you have in your mouth, but like, if you put all of your hand all the way through and you pull up you are going to feel the teeth.”

“I don’t know why he’s going absolutely crazy there,” he said. “I have half a glove in my throat and playing with the back of it and pulling me up and there was no mouthguard, so it’s like, those are my teeth.”

No word from the league if any actions will taken against Bellamare.

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