QB Prospect General Booty Receives Scholarship Offer From Head Coach Hugh Freeze

When your parents wait nine months for you to come into the world and give you the name of General Booty, you really have no choice but to excel at sports, because life will be pretty rough trying to work a regular 9 to 5.

At this point of his life, General Booty has likely heard everything there is to say about his unique name as he plays quarterback at Cornerstone Christian High School in San Antonio.

The kid with the greatest name in the 2021 recruiting class has now received his first official scholarship offer. Earlier this week, Booty took to Twitter and announced that Liberty head coach Hugh Freeze extended an offer to him.

Yeah, you remember Hugh Freeze, the same guy who was fired at Ole Miss after getting busted for using an escort service.

General comes from the football Booty family; his uncles John David and Josh Booty both had famed college careers.