Earl Thomas Fuels Dallas Cowboys Rumors By Moving Family To Austin

(Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)

Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas in all likelihood played his last game for the franchise after he fractured his leg during the 2018 season and was placed on IR. Before he left the field on that fateful day, he made sure to shoot the bird at the Seahawks sideline to let the front office know that he was definitely on his way out to another team, hopefully getting a big contract.

The veteran safety made waves when he ran down Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett after a game and was said to have told him to come and get him in free agency if they can.

He fueled those rumors even more when Earl Thomas, his wife, Nina, moved their family to Austin and enrolled their child in school, according to Cowboys insider Mike Fisher.

While this isn’t concrete evidence that he will sign with the Dallas Cowboys, it may show that something might be in the works as Thomas continues to heal from his injury.