BREAKING: New Orleans Pelicans Fire GM Dell Demps

Well, did’t quite see this coming.

Days before the trading deadline, the Los Angeles Lakers were releasing an all-out onslaught of different packages with multiple players in an effort to get Anthony Davis on the team.

Reports would surface everyday that the Pelicans weren’t answering nor returning calls for the Lakers, on top of not sending back what they wanted in order to release Davis. Then, NBA insider Brian Windhorst stated the Pelicans purposely played the Lakers during the process in an effort to mess with team morale. They succeeded in doing that.

Behind of that mess is believed to be GM Dell Demps.

On Friday, the team parted ways with him.

The handling of the Davis trade talks as well as Davis leaving the arena last night with his agent following an injury seemed to upset ownership enough for them to make this move today.