Dwight Howard’s Alleged Ex-Boyfriend Files Lawsuit Against Him; Howard Responds

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It’s been a rough first year with the Washington Wizards for Dwight Howard. After being traded to the team, Howard has not seen much of the hardwood during the 2018-2019 season as he’s been dealing with a glute injury for months now.

In the midst of dealing with that, he had to deal with accusations from a transgender dropping a damning thread on Twitter that features trans sex parties, a homophobic preacher allegedly running interference and receipts in the form of audio recordings and screen caps.

Here are some of the previous quotes from Masin Elije:

Elije and Howard met at a Wild n’ Out party, and that Howard DMed Elije a week later. Elije then told Howard to contact him on his “finsta”, a Fake Instagram account he used to make sure that their information wouldn’t leak. Elije wrote that things “escalated quickly” between the two of them, that they exchanged nude pictures, and that they began talking every night on Instagram chat.

Elije also appears to be accusing Howard of sleeping with someone else, more specifically a transgender woman whose picture Elije shared later on in his thread. Elije wrote, “I thought my good sis was a prostitute but as my friend took a deeper look into her page, she actually host TRANSGENDER SEX PARTIES that Dwight Howard (allegedly) often attends, so YES, I lost every bit of my mind.”

Elije has also accused Howard’s pastor of threatening and harassing him as a result of their history. Once Elije confronted Howard for his relationship with the transgender woman, he claims he began to receive threats, both from Howard and from Calvin. Calvin Simmons is Howard’s longtime pastor, and has been a minister to hundreds of professional athletes throughout his lifetime.

Elije tweeted of Howard’s threats, “My relationship with Dwight pretty much was over in my eyes, especially after he threatened to ‘beat the sh*t out of me’ of course I’m mouthy and threatened him back and said harsh things.”

Elije further claimed that he was offered “hush money” for signing an NDA, but he refused to sign it. He wrote, “Calvin and Dwight’s camp begun to tell me things like ‘we know where you’re at’ ‘we are watching you’ ‘we saw what building you came out of’ and even went as deep to telling me ‘You gon find a new residence.’”

Fast forward to March and according to BSO, Elije has filed a lawsuit against the Washington Wizards star.

“The details of the lawsuit are unknown, but it is a civil lawsuit, so it is monetary. Elije confirmed to BSO that a lawsuit has been filed but can’t speak on an ongoing case, attempts to reach Dwight Howard were unsuccessful.”

Howard has since responded via TMZ:

Dwight tells us … “I don’t know this person, never seen him. Any allegation said about me is false.”

TMZ Sports obtained a copy of Elije’s suit, filed in Georgia. In the documents, Elije does not say what Dwight was allegedly trying to keep quiet — but says he REFUSED to sign an NDA and tried to end all contact with Dwight.

Elije claims Howard then began acting hostile — and made “threats on his life.”

The lawsuit says … “Mr. Elije started receiving threats to his safety and well-being via a multitude of phone calls, text messages, communications on various social media platforms and emails, all of which were from unfamiliar or disguised sources.”

Elije claims he reached out to Dwight’s family members and also police in the hopes of getting the threats to stop … “all to no avail.”

Elije is now suing for assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress — and he’s demanding punitive damages. 

Dwight has already lawyered up and tells TMZ Sports he plans on taking legal action of his own against what he describes as a “money grab.”

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