Adrien Broner Arrested In Miami After Yelling At Police Officers (VIDEO)

Adrien Broner continues to be his worst enemy and the one fighter he can’t seem to overcome.

The often controversial fighter found himself under arrest yet again, this time in Miami after an altercation broke out due to Broner jaywalking on a busy intersection.

What should’ve been a simple warning or ticket escalated because Broner can’t seem to keep his mouth shut.

According to TMZ:

Broner was in South Beach, Miami around 9 PM on Saturday, walking the streets with fellow boxer Gervonta Davis. Witnesses say that Broner jaywalked on Collins Avenue, a busy intersection, and a driver honked at him. As expected, Adrien got annoyed and smacked the hood of the car while yelling at the driver. The Miami Police force was already out in ample numbers due to Spring Break, and they heard the uproar and responded immediately. Not one to back down, Broner began to yell at the police when they approached and warned him to calm down or else he would be arrested. Broner refused to calm down (as if asking someone to calm down has ever worked), and police cuffed him.

This hasn’t been a great week for Broner. He just recently made headlines after he posted a video of him threatening to shoot any gay people for trying to approach him or touch him.