Mike McCarthy Fires Back At Accusations That He Missed Team Meetings To Get Massages

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Former Packers coach Mike McCarthy is not even on a current team and can’t seem to keep his name out of the public eye.

Earlier today, a remarkable story from Tyler Dunne of Bleacher Report was sent out that painted a picture of complete dysfunction within the Green Bay Packers organization.

One of the more interesting things in the article was how former head coach Mike McCarthy was checking out so much to the point that he was missing team meeting in order to get massages. Even the massage therapist stated he would “sneak her up a back stairway” so that no one would realize that he wasn’t working while others were.

Dunne wrote this: “About once a week, a meeting would start up and McCarthy was MIA. Players weren’t quite sure where he was while, for example, an assistant coach would run the team’s final prep on the Saturday before a game. Eventually, word leaked that McCarthy, the one calling plays on game day, was up in his office getting a massage during those meetings.”

Hours passed and Mccarthy finally got around to responding to those damning allegations:

“I wouldn’t even know where to start and stop with the article,” McCarthy told Pelissero. “But to say that I skipped a team meeting for a massage is utterly absurd. I have a massage scheduled tomorrow, and I can promise you I will not miss my primary responsibility of picking up my two kids from school.”

McCarthy said he never missed work for a massage, adding that he’s “moved on from Green Bay.”

If that article revealed anything, it pretty much cemented that it was overdue for both sides to separate from each other.

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