South Carolina Gave Ridiculous Small Tip After Ordering Nearly $2k Worth of Pizza For Football Team

This is just outrageous.

This past weekend, the South Carolina Gamecocks held their annual spring game.

Very much needed for a team that has gone 12-12 in Southeastern Conference games and have yet to finish a year ranked in the AP Top 25 in the last three years.

Following the annual Black and Red Spring Game, it was time to reward the student/athletes by ordering a bunch of Papa John’s pizza, where it would take two pizza delivery drivers to drop it all off.

The football team placed a pizza order worth $1,788, plus $178.80 in taxes, to end up with a mind-bending total of $1,966.80. Of course, you gotta drop a nice tip, right? NOPE!

The team dropped a measly $5.00.

Rachel Gossett Vane, whose daughter was one of the drivers, posted this photograph of the Papa John’s receipt to her Facebook account:

“The USC coaches ordered pizza for the players after the Black vs Red today. $1966.00 order, 2 drivers to deliver, their tip $5.00 for the drivers to split,” the post read. “My daughter was one of the drivers, also a USC student paying her way through school!”

It turns out a member of the team signed for the food and had no clue what to tip, so they just threw $5.00 on it and called it a day.

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