Meteorologist Receives Death Threats For Interrupting Tiger Woods At The Masters (VIDEO + TWEETS)

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Ella Dorsey is a meteorologist for Atlanta’s CBS46 who was just trying to inform everybody in the area of terrible weather and a possible tornado on Sunday.

Because of the weather, the station had to keep the public updated, which meant interrupting The Masters where Tiger Woods was on the cusp of making history.

The public didn’t seem to care too much.

Here are just a few comments from when they went love on Facebook and a few others from Twitter:

Here is Dorsey bringing it up on a live telecast:

It got so bad that she had to address the constant death threats she was receiving from people:

In a follow-up Tweet, she did, however, congratulate Tiger Woods on winning his first major since 2008.

Yikes! Seems like people cared more about Tiger than their own safety.

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