Horrible NCAA Screws Virginia Tech Transfer Out Of Family Medical Hardship Waiver

(Photo by Geoff Burke/Getty Images)

The NCAA continues to show just how terrible they are in regards to student-athletes.

Virginia Tech lineman Brock Hoffman applied for a medical family hardship waiver in March. Hoffman transferred to Virginia Tech from Coastal Carolina in order to be closer to his mother, who had surgery to remove a brain tumor in 2017 and is still suffering from aftereffects, including “facial paralysis, hearing loss and impaired eyesight.”

The medical waiver is designed for cases such as these, yet the NCAA still made the worng decision.

Per the Roanoke Times:

“The NCAA had some follow-up questions for Hoffman a few weeks later—how often would you be able to take care of your mom during the season? How much easier would it be for your family to get to games? They also wanted a chronological timeline of events from his mother’s initial diagnosis to her surgery and all her doctor appointments.

Not once did the process involve Hoffman talking to an actual person. That remained true on Tuesday when it was left to [offensive line coach Vance Vice] to share the news and share what the NCAA told the athletic department’s compliance department.”

According to Hoffman, the NCAA gave two reasons for denying the waiver: his mother’s condition has improved over time and that Virginia Tech technically is not within 100 miles of Hoffman’s family’s home, which is the maximum distance allowed in order for a player to qualify for a medical family hardship waiver.

Hoffman is appealing the NCAA’s ruling.