Another Angle Emerges Of Crazy Moron Drop-Kicking Arnold Schwarzenegger (VIDEO)

What an insane scene it was at the 2019 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic in Johannesburg, South Africa. While interacting with some of the fans at his own event, the 71-year-old Hollywood star and former California Governor was unexpectedly attacked by a deranged lunatic.

Footage has already emerged of Schwarzenegger taking the flying drop kick to the back — and barely budging.

And now, another angle has emerged, and it gives us a clear look at just how strong the Governator still is at his age.

Attacking someone from behind is probably the most cowardly thing a person can do, but still, you gotta be pretty brave to attack Arnie from any angle.

This dude gave it his best shot…and now he’s probably lying unconscious in a ditch somewhere.