Master P & Romeo Willing To Offer Zion Williamson Multi-Million Dollar Shoe Deal (VIDEO)

If this happens, it could chage the game for years to come.

Zion Williamson has yet to step foot on an NBA court, let alone be selected to an NBA team, and he already has millions of dollars just waiting on him to come out and grab whenever he is ready.

If the former Duke Blue Devils superstar does indeed get selected by the New Orleans Pelicans, then he has a shoe and movie deal waiting for him, courtesy of Master P and Romeo.

TMZ Explains:

We got the father-son duo out in Los Angeles, and they told us they have a role all carved out for Zion in the sequel to their comedy flick “I Got The Hook-Up 2,” which comes out in July.

“I have a beautiful idea, we need to get Zion in ‘I Got The Hook-Up 3.'”

The movie features Jeezy, Michael Blackson, A.J. Johnson, D.C. Young Fly, Jennifer Lee and a host of others — and P and Romeo want Zion.

But, that wasn’t all … P had another offer for Williamson from his shoe company, MoneYatti.

“I know Zion gonna get a big shoe deal from Nike or Adidas or whatever. We gonna get him a deal just to have to wear shoes outside of basketball.”

Question is, how much is P willing to pay?

“Just to wear it on the side, not in the game, I’m saying $20 [million].”

You head that correctly. $20 MILLION just to wear shoes when he’s not playing during an actual NBA game.

How can you possibly turn that down? I mean, the language in his contract for whatever show company he chooses as to allow him to do so, but this seems like a great deal for both sides, especially if Zion turns out to be everything experts believes he is destined to be on the court.