Minor Leaguer Causes Benches To Clear After Breaking Up No-Hitter By Bunting In 9th Inning (VIDEO)

There is nothing baseball players hate more than when an opposing player tries to break up a no-hitter by bunting to get on base. It isn’t against the rules, but it is frowned upon and one of those unwritten rules baseball players expect others to abide by.

That was the case on Tuesday night during a Double-A level game almost had a brawl break out between opposing teams.

The Hartford Yard Goats, leading 3-0 against the Trenton Thunder, had a no-hitter going between three pitchers, and just needed two more outs in the 9th inning to secure it.

Thunder batter Matt Lipka had no interest in seeing that happen, so he attempted to bunt to get on base and laid it down perfectly. He posted the first hit of the game for his team.

Benches would soon clear shortly afterwards.

Unfortunately for the other team, a 3-0 game is not out of reach, so everything is fair play as the opposing team has to find anyway possible to get batters on base and try for a possibly rally. Crazier things have happened.

The Yardgoats would go on to win the game anyway.