Video Appears To Show Neymar Rape Accuser Attacking Him Day After Alleged Assault (VIDEO)

A woman who has accused Brazilian soccer star Neymar of rape will now have to answer to a recently published video that shows her attacking him in a hotel after the alleged assault.

A 45-second clip circulating on social media appears to show the Paris Saint-German striker defending himself against an unprovoked attack from his accuser after she laid down on him while he was in a bed. That’s when things got a bit crazy.

Via NY Post:

“No, no, no, no, no,” Neymar says repeatedly as the woman climbs atop him on a bed before a slapping sound is heard on the footage.

The woman then hops off Neymar and stands at the foot of the bed before hitting him twice and throwing an object at him, according to the video, which appears to have been secretly recorded.

“You know why I’m going to hit you? Do you know why?” the woman says, according to one translation. “Because you assaulted me yesterday and you left me here alone.”

Neymar has denied all accusations against him, even going as far to publish a video showing Whatsapp messages from the woman he says he exchanged with the accuser in a friendly way days after the alleged incident.

Neymar stated he met the woman on Instagram and then would eventually arrange for her to stay at the five star Sofitel Paris Arc Du Triomphe. In the WhatsApp messages, Neymar says his accuser is talking about going to the gym and making her bottom “perfect for him”.

The woman can also be seen in her underwear and wearing a bikini.

As far his playing career, Neymar won’t play in Copa America after rupturing a ligament in his ankle during a 2-0 win against Qatar on Wednesday.