Jonathan Lucroy Was Knocked Out Cold During Play At The Plate; Carted Off Field To Hospital (VIDEO)

During a 10-10 game in the eight inning, Angels catcher Jonathan Lucroy attempted to keep things tied up as he awaited the ball during a sac-fly, but he would slide towards his right and end up paying for it dearly.

Houston Astros’ Jake Marisnick caught his face with his shoulder and knocked out Lucroy as he laid hurt on the ground.

Marisnick was called out on the play even though he was never tagged after a review. LeCroy would be carted off and sent to a local Houston hospital.

After the game, Angels manager Brad Ausmus called for Marisnick to be suspended.

“It certainly didn’t look like a clean play,” Ausmus told reporters after the Angels’ loss, according to Jeff Fletcher of the Orange County Register. “It looked like Marisnick took a step to the left and bowled into him with his arm up. … MLB should probably take a look at it and consider some type of suspension, quite frankly.”

Marisnick did not feel good about himself after the game.

“That was a bad play for me,” Marisnick said, according to Mark Berman of FOX 26 Houston. “I was running, and I see him take a step kinda up the line, like he’s gonna drop and go back. So I tried to take an instep and slide headfirst on the inside corner (of the plate). I watched the play again … he just dropped right in front of me.

“It’s terrible. I wish him the best. I hope he’s okay. I’m gonna reach out to him …”

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