Home Run Derby Champ Pete Alonso Is Engaged To An ABSOLUTE SMOKESHOW (PICS)

Last night’s MLB Home Run Derby was one for the ages, although most fans weren’t too fond of the outcome.

Despite hitting a ridiculous 91 homers in total on the night, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. was still denied the title when he was bested by the Mets’ Pete Alonso in the final round.

Many felt that Vlad deserves the trophy — and the $1-million that comes with it — as he hit a whopping 34 more homers than Alonso on the evening. But despite all the criticism, the Mets’ rookie has got to be one happy dude at the moment.

Not only is the $1-million prize almost double what he’s making this season in New York ($555,000), but he also has a smokeshow fiancee to help him spend some of that cash.

Her name is Haley Renee Walsh, and while the sudden spike in publicity seems to have caused her to turn her Instagram account private, we’ve still got some images for those interested in taking a closer look.