Floyd Mayweather Speaks On Getting His Ankles Broken With Devastating Crossover; Brings Up His Money (VIDEO)

By now, you’ve seen the video evidence of Floyd Mayweather getting crossed up by street ball legend Bone Collector.

In case you missed it, Mayweather got crossed up so badly at the Power 106 50K Charity Game, that he fell straight to the ground, which made the entire arena go wild.

That is just a tough look for anybody. Despite all the hoopla surrounding the crossover, Mayweather seems to be taking it in stride after TMZ caught up with him and asked him about it.

He made sure people knew he took home the MVP award on that same night.

“It was a cool move,” Mayweather told TMZ… “but did they tell you I got MVP? So, we gotta talk about me being MVP!”

“It was a good move, but that comes with the territory. It’s not the NBA, and we live and we learn.”

Of course, he had to bring up his money at some point.

“My bank account won’t change, so it’s nothing but love.”