Danny Green Reveals He Was Robbed In Vancouver: We Didn’t Know There Was A Ghetto” (VIDEO)

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That’s no way to treat an NBA Champion.

Los Angeles Lakers guard Danny Green revealed on Tuesday that he and his friends were robbed while in Vancouver earlier this month.

Green stated he was touring Canada to lead several skills camps across the country and stated on his “Inside The Green Room” podcast the camp tour was mostly great, except for his start in Vancouver.

While he stayed in a hotel, his friends booked an AIR BNB, which they described as old and raggedy.

Via The Toronto Star:

Green said they all went to have a look at the place, leaving two bags in their car.

“We were there 10 minutes … we go back outside, and pretty much — not robbed of everything — but two book bags gone,” Green told Sanford on the July 9 episode of the podcast.

Green said the two bags that were taken contained “electronics, computers, laptops” as well as registry money from the basketball camp tour. He said he didn’t know if the door had been locked when they left the car unattended.

“We didn’t know there was like a ghetto or hood in Vancouver.”

Green and his friends decided to look around the neighbourhood to see if they could recover the bags, and that’s when they found out about the poverty and substance abuse issues faced by many Vancouver residents.

“We walk up on it, this thing is the worst street in North America in terms of (drug use),” Green said.

Though that claim might be exaggerated, the area has an international reputation for drug use, and was reportedly once home to the poorest postal code in Canada.

According to Green, they reported the incident to authorities and police came to help them look for the bags.

Vancouver Police told CTV News Vancouver it’s assigned an investigator to the case, but couldn’t confirm the exact date or location of the theft, or if officers had helped the NBA star search for the suspect.

“It’s unfortunate Mr. Green had a negative experience in Vancouver,” Sgt. Jason Robillard wrote in a statement. “Overall, our city is a safe place to live and visit.”

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