Oklahoma Sooners RB Being Accused of Physical & Mental Abuse By Student

(Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images)

On Friday, a University of Oklahoma student broke her silence with accusations of abuse against Sooner RB Kennedy Brooks.

University of Oklahoma student Mallory Jech took to Twitter and blasted Brooks of physical and mental abuse in a thread of 16 tweets. Brooks recently returned to the football team after he was investigated by Title IX.

“The University of Oklahoma values their student athletes more than their average student,” Jech tweeted. “I refuse to be quiet. And here’s why: I’m being played as the girl who lied about being abused. However, I’m the girl who protected a liar and an abuser’s career. Until now.”

Jech claims she dated Brooks from June 2018 until March of this year. She stated she was “used, cheated on, manipulated and abused both mentally AND physically.”

I dated Kennedy Brooks from June of 2018 until the end of March 2019–during that time I was used, cheated on, manipulated and abused both mentally AND physically. If I were doing this because I am angry I was cheated on, I would have done it back in June of 2018…

… the first time he cheated, or I would have done it when I found out he slept with a high schooler. But here I am, months after the fact, finally telling my story because the last thing that needs to happen is for little boys to look up to him and view him as a role model.

“I protected the person who put fear in my eyes every time we argued — for the sake of his career? Yes,” Jech said in the tweet. “But most importantly, I thought I was protecting myself from him.”

Brooks was held out of OU football activities while Title IX investigated the allegations, according to The Athletic, but was reinstated July 10 after the office finished its findings.

“I felt guilty for opening my mouth,” Jech tweeted of going to Title IX. “I felt guilty for telling someone all of the times he put his hands on me. I felt guilty for telling someone who Kennedy Brooks really is. I felt guilty for finally telling my story. I felt guilty for doing the right thing.”

She continued: “Title IX does nothing for the victim. They make you believe they are doing their best to help you. Their “best” is changing his fall schedule so I don’t have to sit in three classes with the person who has permanently affected the way I continue to live my life.”

She also accused the university of protecting Brooks.

Brooks was OU’s leading rusher last season with 1,056 yards and 12 touchdowns.

“I will not let the University of Oklahoma silence me,” Jech tweeted. “I will not let Kennedy Brooks silence me. I’m not doing this for attention or for anyone to feel sorry for me. I’m doing this for every girl who is too scared to speak up against their abuser. I will tell anyone my story.”

Read the full thread here.