New Zealand Sports Reporter Speaks Out On ‘Boobgate’ Wardrobe Malfunction (VIDEO + PIC)

Being on live television can be crazy enough as you know thousands, if not millions of people are watching your every move.

For one TV presenter in New Zealand, people at home got an upclose view of the pink shirt she was rocking that looked very different when she sat down.

Toni Street was on Seven Sharp when her shirt did something rather unexpected and it had viewers thinking her nipples were seriously erect.

“I put on an outfit with my dear stylist and it looked fantastic standing up,” she said. “But when you sat down there were two darts underneath my breast area that ended up looking like big old saggy nips.”

“There are still people this morning saying, ‘Ah I hate to point this out but your nipples are really big and saggy’… No, they’re not mine!” she exclaimed.

“It looks like I had giant breast with these giant nipples and I feel like I have to clear up that they were not my nipples!”

Toni dubbed the saga ‘boobgate’ and laughed, “I love it when my boobs get talked about”.