Minor League Player Argues With Ump & Walks Straight Into A Pole Smashing His Face (VIDEO)

That’ll stop you from trying to do two things at once.

Texas Rangers minor league catcher Matt Whatley is not a name that will move the dial when mentioned, mainly because he plays single-A ball right now in his career, but you’ll know him after the highlight he put up on Sunday.

Over the weekend, the Hickory Crawdads player was upset by a call by the home-plate ump, so he gave him an earful while walking in the dugout. He should’ve been paying more attention to where he was at, because he walked straight into a pole and smacked his face.

You can just see the embarrassment just seep out of his eyes.

The opposing, Greenville Drive, even decided to throw a joke his way about running into a pole.

The third round pick in the 2017 draft is hitting .231 with four home runs for the Crawdads this season.