Dana White Seemingly Bans BJ Penn From UFC After Street Fights Surface (VIDEO)

Back in June, UFC president Dana White said that B.J. Penn would not get another fight in the company. That lasted all of two months when he later announced that he would allow him to fight Nik Lentz.

Weeks after that announcement, two videos surfaced showing BJ Penn fighting a man in Hawaii and getting knocked out in one video outside a bar, and a second video shows the fighter throwing punches at the same man.

That seemed to be the last straw because it prompted Dana White to publicly say that Penn will not be fighting Lentz in the Octagon.

“He won’t fight again,” White told ESPN. “That’s it. It’s a wrap.”

White says the UFC has already informed Penn of his decision and even admitted he wasn’t exactly a fan of giving him another fight to begin with.

“It’s not even that this was the last straw,” White said. “I didn’t love him continuing to fight anyway, but we having the relationship that he and I have and he’s getting me on the phone, begging me for another fight, begging me for another opportunity, it’s hard for me to turn him down, but after what I saw on that video, B.J. needs to focus on his personal life and get himself together before he thinks about fighting again.

“Listen, I don’t wanna sit here on TV and pick B.J. apart on his life or whatever. I think that we all know what B.J. Penn needs to do and hopefully B.J. Penn knows what B.J. Penn needs to do. Not gonna sit here like I’m his father or I’m some guy who’s above him and pointing the finger at B.J. and B.J. needs to do this and that. What I saw in that video was sad. I love the kid and I hope he gets his life together.”

It’s not like Penn was tearing it up in the Octagon to begin with anyway. Since 2011, Penn has lost seven fights in a row.