Hockey Ref Gets Jumped By Coaches During Canadian 10-Year-Old Game (VIDEO)

File this in stuff you don’t see everyday.

A youth hockey ref found himself under attack where reports state a 10 year old slashed him, which caused that ref to respond in a physical manner.

After that happened, two coaches came out onto the ice and attacked that ref.

“This just happened in #Lethbridge tonight. From what I’ve been told it was a 10 year old 3 on 3 tournament where a player slashed a ref. My source tells me the ref responded in a physical way (some are saying self defence) & this happened. Reaching out to organizer for more info”

“Slight update on this. My source tells me it was coaches chasing the official. It happened at the Quest for the Cup. 3 v 3 event in Lethbridge. I have contacted the organizer. Will update when I hear something.”

Soon after, a statement would be released by the organizer: