Somebody Threw Down Thousands On The Miami Dolphins To Go 0-16 During 2019 Season

(Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images)

Are the Miami Dolphins just that bad? Well, after one week of play and watching the Baltimore Ravens defeat them 59-10 at Hard Rock Stadium, it seems they truly are.

Unlike teams he’s played for in the past, QB Ryan Fitzpatrick did not have his usual fast start that has people thinking he’s an MVP candidate and eventual dropoff where he’s benched for another quarterback.

One bettor is so convinced that this team is going to be historically bad that he went and dropped $3,400 on the Dolphins to go completely winless during the 2019 season.

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The Dolphins are likely to go 0-4 as they get set to play three playoff teams from last season in the New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys, and the Chargers.

Even still, that is a lot of money for somebody to throw down on something that has only happened five times since 1944, with the most recent one being the Cleveland Browns in 2017.