Hockey Player Smashes Opponent’s Head On Ice & Punches Him While He’s Unconscious, Gets Charged By Police (VIDEO)

Late last month, the Frederikshavn White Hawks were taking on the Odense Bulldogs when a typical hockey brawl broke out between the tow teams.

It went from a simple fight to criminal when Kristian Jensen grabbed Odense Bulldogs’ Lucas Rasmussen from behind and slammed him head first onto the ice.

Rasmussen looked to be unconscious immediately, but it didn’t stop Jensen from continuing to punch him in the side of the head.

Jensen was handed a two month ban from the league, basically missing 17 games for the incident.

The Odense Bulldogs argue the suspension in a letter:

“This incident is one of the most grotesque situations ever seen in hockey and one where KJ shows no regard for human life and an absolute disrespect for his opponent and for the game of hockey. To come up with a sentence of a two-month ban where KJ will miss only seventeen games is a travesty and far too light a punishment for an assault that in the worst-case scenario could have resulted in the death of an eighteen-year-old kid.”

“We feel that the decision to suspend Kristian Jensen for a brief two months was made far too quickly without realizing the severity of the situation. Although it may be the longest suspension in Danish hockey, it does not fit the punishment for a crime of this magnitude as seen in other examples from around the world.”

“[Rasmussen] has sustained immense injuries which are still unclear as to the effect they will have on the remainder of his life,” says the team in its letter. “We would ask the DIU (Danish Ice Hockey Union) to reevaluate the case and find a just punishment or ask the IIHF to step in and come up with an appropriate sentence.”

As it turned out, the local police would hand down something worse when they charged him for the incident.