Lions Fan Creates Highlight Video Of The Refs Cheating Detroit Over The Years (VIDEO)

The Detroit Lions just can’t seem to catch a break.

On Monday Night Football, the franchise found itself on the receiving end of terrible calls from refs that basically handed the Green Bay Packers the game.

Sadly, it wasn’t the first time this has happened as the below compilation will prove…

In 2016, Texans RB Justin Forsett’s knee hit the ground during a Thanksgiving game, but refs allowed him to get up and score a TD. It could’ve been overturned but Jim Schwartz illegally tried to challenge the call on the field and the play stood as called.

In a playoff game against the Cowboys, Detroit led 20-17 when a play resulted in head referee Pete Morelli calling a pass interference on Cowboys linebacker Anthony Hitchens. It was the right call as Pettigrew never gets his head turned around to look for the football and made contact with the offensive player prior to the ball getting there.

Then, Morelli picked up the flag, announcing that there was no penalty on the play. As you figured out, the Lions would go on to lose that game.

Of course, the most recent one:

Poor, Detroit.