Myles Garrett Believes Browns Can Win Eight Straight Games To Finish 2019 Season

The Cleveland Browns were the most hyped team coming into the 2019 season as many saw them with playoff dreams and a possible Super Bowl berth. All of that talked stopped dead in its tracks after just one week of play and certainly after a few more games.

In order for the team to win double digit games this year, they would have to win all eight of their remaining games to go 10-6.

Nobody believes they can do that….except Myles Garrett.

The standout defensive lineman suggested Friday that the Browns are capable of winning eight in a row, even though they currently sit at 2-6.

That’s some nice confidence to have, but the reality of the situation is the Browns are a bad football team who can’t put together a few solid games to save their lives.

They do have winnable games left as they face Cincinnati twice, and they have a home game against Miami. But that’s only three as they still have to deal with the Steelers twice, the Ravens one more time, and even the Buffalo Bills.

Good luck.