New Video Shows Astros’ Allegedly Whistling To Signal Certain Pitches (VIDEO)

Another day, another video that seems to detail the wide-ranging stealing allegations the Houston Astros participated in during their 2017 World Series title win.

One such method they are alleged to have used to communicate signs is whistles. You may remember they were accused of this during the 2019 Playoffs by the New York Yankees.

A new video by a man named Rafael Garcia claims to have heard different whistles during playoff games that shows Astros hitters were being alerted to which pit was coming. Garcia’s video says “we identify possible sounds that correspond to every pitch using AI analyzing hours of videos. With this information we are showing a common pattern follow by the sequence of the game and different at bats which matches important information.”

The YoutTube user says whistles for a breaking ball came in the form of a noise that sounded like the “charge” chant, while the fastball whistle was a longer fast whistle.

MLB was said to have cleared the Astros in the 2019 ALCS whistling allegation, but after this video, how can you not think the team was not doing something back then as well.