Gary Danielson Apologized For Laughing After Female Photographer Got KO’D During Auburn-Georgia Game (VIDEO)

Last week, Georgia running back Brian Herrien was pushed out of bounds and into a photographer during the first half game against Auburn. It was a shocking moment to say the least, but not everybody seemed to take it seriously.

SEC on CBS analyst Gary Danielson seemed to laugh, mock, and just overall not care about the welfare of Georgia student Chamberlain Smith.

During the game this past Saturday, Danielson finally apologized for his actions.

“Last week in real-time, I just didn’t see what happened,” Danielson said the broadcast of the Georgia-Texas A&M game. “In fact, I might have been the last person to see what happened. That confusion and my commentary that followed led some to conclude that I was kind of being insensitive to Chamberlain’s serious situation. That certainly wasn’t my intent.

“Simply put, I should have been better. I want to apologize to Chamberlain and our CBS viewers for that.”

Smith has been active on Twitter since the hit, even posting the picture she got of the play before she was knocked unconscious.