Rex Ryan Rips Eagles Fans For Booing Carson Wentz, Suggests Destroying ‘Stupid’ Nick Foles Statue (VIDEO)

Rex Ryan is not happy with Eagles fans.

The former New York Jets head coach took to the airwaves on Monday to not only call out Eagles fans for booing Carson Wentz this past Sunday during the loss to the Seattle Seahawks, but he also took aim at what sits outside Lincoln Financial Field.

Outside the Linc stands a monument to Nick Foles that Bud Light put up to celebrate the Super Bowl.

“You better have skin like an Armadillo, I get it,” Ryan told ESPN’s “Get Up” show. “I would love for Philly to finally get behind this kid [Carson Wentz]. It’s not going to happen and why? They put that stupid statue out there of the backup quarterback.”

“Getting booed, it’s hard. There are a lot of layers to this thing … [Wentz] comes from a small area, comes from a small school where he was the king … we all know the Nick Foles thing,” said Orlovsky, via ESPN. “There are people there [in Philly] clamoring to trade Carson Wentz … thick skin? You better have reptile skin.”

The Eagles are now 5-6 and riding a 2-game losing streak with five games remaining. Lucky for them, the Dallas Cowboys aren’t exactly running away with the division.