Bears’ Akiem Hicks Goes Off on Radio Hosts For Making Fun of His Injury (AUDIO + TWEET)

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

On Tuesday, Akiem Hicks was a guest on Waddle & Silvy’s radio show when he stated that the team was going through a rough patch and wanted the fan base to not jump off the bandwagon and ride with them.

“If the wind blows a certain a way, don’t hop off the bandwagon,” Hicks said. “Ride with us, we’re down right now, we know that but we’re fighting to get back up. So roll with us, we didn’t do this on purpose. We didn’t try to get ourselves in this situation. But we’re doing everything that we can to climb out of this hole. So be supportive.”

Waddle, who played with the Bears from 1989-1994, then sarcastically asked if Hicks was trying to get himself injured in Week 5 against the Oakland Raiders.

“You mean you didn’t put your arm in between those two Raiders and it popped out of joint on purpose?” he asked. “No, I’m joking.”

Hicks immediately took offense to the question. “Hey! That’s a joke?!” the Pro-Bowl lineman asked. “You think that’s a joke? You’re going to joke about somebody’s injury? No, I’m perfectly respectful. I’ll tell you what, you will not joke about an injury. You have a blessed day, this is the last time I’m on this radio station.” He then hung up.

He would soon take his issues to Twitter: