Female Bruins Fan Who Screamed at a Man for Spilling Mustard on Her IDed As Ex-Dancer (PICS)

Last weekend, there was a viral video of a female Boston Bruins fan who could be seen charging towards a man who wasted mustard on her.

She unleashed a tirade of him as she demanded that he stand up and apologize for what was clearly an accident.

Social media has since found that lady and revealed that she used to be a stripper.

Via Turtle Boy Sports:

“That sort of behavior is frowned upon unless you’re from somewhere like Charlestown, Lynn, Quincy, Fall River, or Revere, in which case it’s a completely normal way to conduct discourse. But as it turns out she’s actually from the sophisticated Central Mass town of Northborough. Meet Carey Leone, formerly Carey Fortin from Barre.

She’s the mother of two who used to be a stripper down in Webster-Worcester area before getting divorced, and for some reason decided to keep her ex-husband’s last name. Because that’s normal.

In the video she mentioned being there with her boyfriend, who looks like he’s old enough to be her father, and totally does not appear to be some sort of sugar daddy.

According to our sources she may or may not have caused the breakup of her first marriage by maybe or maybe not getting caught letting her former boss (who may or may not now be her boyfriend now) maybe or maybe not bury the broomstick in the ol’ meat wallet.

Her former stepson sent us an email message for her:

Hey there Turtleboy,

I know EXACTLY who that c*** is. I had the pleasure of being her step-son for several deafening years until my dad came to his senses. Her name is Carey Leone and she is a resident of Northborough, MA. PLEASE bring her on the show and expose her for being the wicked witch of the Commonwealth that she is.
Joseph Dwyer-Kiley (you can tell her it was me)”