Browns Fan Rigs Rear Windshield Wiper With Steelers Helmet Hitting Mason Rudolph In Head (VIDEO)

This is quite hilarious.

A few weeks ago, the Cleveland Browns were on their way to a huge win over the Pittsburgh Steelers but it became a secondary story to the brawl that took place between Myles Garrett and Mason Rudolph.

Garrett’s swing of a helmet ended his 2019 campaign, but the two teams still had to face off against one another one final time, with the Steelers winning this time around, 20-13.

One Browns fan decided to get in one final shot with their rival when he rigged his rear windshield wiper to have a Steelers helmet on it that would smash a Mason Rudolph sticker in the head when it went down.

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This Browns fan assembled this ingenious rig on the back of their car… 💀🙄 (via Bill O’Brien / FB)

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