Cowboys Odds Of Winning The NFC East Division Went Up After Two-Straight Losses

(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

This is how bad the NFC East has been in 2019.

The NFC East has four teams that has contributed 21 NFC Championship wins and 13 Super Bowl victories, but that means absolutely nothing in the current season as their very well may be a team out of the division in the postseason with a losing record.

The division is so bad that the odds of the Dallas Cowboys winning the division actually went up after they’ve dropped the last two games.

Not only are the 3-9 Washington Redskins still able to win the division, but so are the 2-10 Giants.

After dropping a Thanksgiving game to the Buffalo Bills, the Philadelphia Eagles who could’ve been tied for the lead, went out and gave up 37 points and lost to the Miami Dolphins. At this point, all teams are trying to hand the division to someone else, but nobody seems to want it.

(h/t Reddit user t33po)