REPORT: NFL Considering Simplifying Coin Toss Rules After Dak Prescott Controversy

The Dallas Cowboys were at the center of major controversy as they nearly had to kick the ball off before the first and second half during their Week 15 game against the Los Angeles Rams.

It all stemmed from what Dak Prescott either said or didn’t say correctly to a ref.

Prescott meant to defer and kick to start the game, but he stated he wanted to “kick” first and it led to confusion during the entire first half.

The NFL stepped in during halftime and made sure they received the ball in the 3rd quarter.

Now, the league is considering simplifying the coin toss rules for the 2020 season after that debacle at AT&T Stadium.

“The NFL could consider simplifying the rules for what players have to say during the coin toss for the 2020 season, according to sources. The discussion is expected to center around whether there is a way to simplify the language regarding the opening coin toss.”

In the end, the mistake didn’t hurt the Cowboys as they were up big at halftime and went on to win 44-21.