Jose Canseco Publicly Berates Fan For Trying To Meet Him (VIDEO)

It’s been nearly 20 years since Jose Canseco last played in Major League Baseball, yet he remains one of the most recognizable people around.

By now, you’d think he would be used to being approached, but that wasn’t the case recently.

The former MLB slugger was at a Top Golf recently when a man tried to call him over to meet him. Canseco did not like the way the go tried to approach him, so he publicly berated the guy for his lack of respect.

“If you see me in public, DO NOT call me over with a finger like I’m your small child in trouble or a chick at the bar! ⁣If you see me in public and want a photo, an autograph, or just too meet me, you come over to me. I’m more than willing to and enjoy meeting you guys,” Canseco wrote.

The guy clearly meant no harm and Canseco definitely overreacted a bit.