Andy Reid Responds To Texans Coach Bill O’Brien Being Criticized For Fake Punt vs. Chiefs (VIDEO)

It a play that will haunt Texans fans for the next six months, at least.

Leading 24-7 and facing a 4th & 4 from their own 31-yard line midway through the second quarter, Houston Texans head coach Bill O’Brien called a fake punt, and the Chiefs were ready.

Many people were quick to scold O’Brien for the play call, as it seemed to shift the momentum in what would turn out to be a 51-31 victory for the Chiefs.

Most are calling it one of the dumbest plays they’ve seen all season, but Andy Reid disagrees. While speaking to the media after the game, here’s what the Chiefs head coach had to say:

“I thought Bill did a nice job with that. That was an opportune time I thought to call that. And people are going to be upset, but form a coaching standpoint, it was an inch away. Dan (Sorensen) did a nice job. But that wasn’t a bad call at all there.”

Go figure that the person who benefitted the most from the call is also its biggest supporter.