LSU Tigers Fans Start GoFundMe To Get Clemson Mascot A New Outfit

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Just ahead of the College Football Playoff National Championship, there was much talk about LSU and Clemson both having Tigers as their mascot, but they both look very different.

One LSU fan felt really bad about the jokes the Clemson mascot was getting, so he took to GoFundMe to get Clemson to purchase another outfit.

It reads as:

“After turning on the national championship game on Monday the 13th I thought bad for The Clemson Tiger. It seems that the University purchased their mascot costume from the clearance rack from TG&Y in 1981. All proceeds will be mailed to the Clemson University Athletic Department at the conclusion of the fundraiser. GO LSU!!!”

Here’s how social media responded:

As of 10:45 EST, the campaign has raised just under $300.