Donald Trump Drops Impeachment Joke, Brags About Economy, While Saying LSU Would’ve Taken Out Terrorists (VIDEO)

Things got awkward really fast when LSU went to the White House.

On Friday, the entire team showed up to visit President Donald Trump, and during the tail end of the ceremony, Trump talked about the ongoing impeachment trial, while boasting about how great the economy was and how the military was rebuilt under him.

“We just had another all-time high for our stock market just hit. So that will be 149 times in the past 3 years. That’s not bad. Coach, that’s good, right?”

He also made note of him being a good President unlike others.

“They got a good one now, even though they’re trying to impeach the son of a bitch, can you believe that??”

“We took out those terrorists like your football team would’ve taken out those terrorists.”