Delonte West Allegedly Started Street Fight With Glass Bottle Attack, Cop Suspended For Leaking Video (VIDEO)

The fallout of the video of Delonte West being beaten on the streets of Washington D.C. reached a new level when TMZ Sports reported that the video of Delonte West being punched and kicked was the result of him initially throwing a glass bottle at his attacker.

“The Prince George’s County Police Dept. is releasing new information about the Delonte West street fight … saying a witness told police Delonte initiated the Jan. 20 fight by hitting the other man with a glass bottle.

“[The witness] told officers that she observed the handcuffed male [West] first hit the other with a glass bottle and that man responded by striking the one who had thrown the bottle several times,” cops say.”

Cops stated both West and the unidentified man knew each other and had an earlier dispute in the day.

Despite one of the men bleeding from the face, they both refused medical attention and both refused to press charges against the other.

As far as the video of Delonte West being handcuffed on the street and spewing obscenities as cops, the officer who released it is in big trouble.

“The officer suspected of leaking the video has been suspended, according to Prince George’s County PD Chief Hank Stawinski.

The Chief told the media that the officer “will be dealt with harshly” if that person is found to have posted the footage on social media.”

Delonte’s former agent, Aaron Goodwin, spoke with TMZ and confirmed it was him and stated that West is currently recovering from the attack with family members, but stated he needs a lot more than friends and family to get him the help that he needs.