2nd Woman Calls Radio Station, Exposes Baker Mayfield For Allegedly Cheating On His Wife With Her (VIDEO)

Baker Mayfield might have some explaining to do to his wife after Twitter user @kaciejdingess first took to social media and claimed to be the mistress of Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield.

She then took her talents to a radio show to spill even more tea regarding the Browns QB.

“We were texting for a while and then finally he was like ‘come see me.’ I drove all the way to Westlake, it was like behind Cheesecake factory at some development parking lot. He texted me on the way there saying I have to keep my phone in the car. I was kind of sketched — if this really isn’t him, I have to keep my phone in the car?”

Despite what may have been clear danger, she continued on to the large SUV.

“I got in the front and he said are we going to do this or not?… After I left he texted me you’re actually a really cool person but you can’t say anything, like it’ll ruin my career.

“A few months passed — or a few weeks — where I hadn’t talked about him. I literally forgot about him and I get blocked on Twitter.”

In the midst of her interview, a second woman called into the show and stated her encounter with Baker Mayfield happened December 2018, before he was married, but possibly engaged. She stated they started going back and forth on snapchat, and after they proved to each other they were who they said were, she stated she met Baker at a parking lot in a Range Rover.

After talking with each other for a minute, she said she gave him head in the backseat. She then claimed Baker asked to see her phone to make sure she didn’t take any pictures.

She also stated Baker isn’t really big down there.

The second woman comes in at the 23:00 mark:

Mayfield has not responded to any of the allegations.