Patrick Mahomes’ Brother Rips “Rude” People Sending Him Thousands of Hurtful Messages (TWEETS)

Patrick Mahomes is arguably the best player in the NFL and proved so throughout the postseason when he lead his Kansas City Chiefs back from 3-straight double digit deficits to win the Super Bowl.

His brother is making a name for himself as well in the fame department. Jackson Mahomes is well known on social media for both supporting his brother and for posting dancing videos on TikTok.

Much like this:

He was mocked a lot for his dancing and being much different than his brother in every way possible. Then, people started to take notice of something else, and began sending hurtful comments about his sexuality.

That led to Jackson taking to Twitter and calling out the people who sent him hurtful messages all the time.

“a lot of people DM me hurtful things then be like “you get 1000s of DM you will never see this” like sheesh I read every dm so y’all can chilll…”

Basically calling out people like this:

24 hours after his rant, he stated he began receiving hundreds of positive messages.