Tony Romo Bidding War Reportedly Surpasses $15 Million, May Reach As High As $20M

(Photo by Jonathan Devich/Getty Images)

When Tony Romo retired from playing professional football to take his talents to the broadcasting booth, nobody had a clue of how good he was going to be. His first contract with CBS paid him $3 million a year.

That was a steal.

According to Clay Travis of Outkick the Coverage, the bidding war between ESPN and CBS for the former Cowboys QB has already surpassed $15 million per year and may approach $20 million before negotiations conclude.

Via Outkick the Coverage:

“Tony Romo, whose initial contract with CBS expired with the AFC title game between the Titans and the Chiefs, is poised to become the highest paid game announcer in sports history, with CBS and ESPN dueling to sign him to a contract that is likely to be in the $15 to $20 million a year range.

The 39 year old Romo, who made $127 million as Dallas Cowboys quarterback during the course of his football career, will see his salary skyrocket from $3 million a year to north of $15 million based on CBS having the right to match any offer made by another network.

ESPN is attempting to hire Romo away and the two sides recently passed $15 million a year in bidding.”

CBS has the right to match any offer made to Romo.

ESPN desperately needs Romo so they can retain its “Monday Night Football” package with better games and get into the Super Bowl rotation. CBS needs Romo to stay as they do not want to be tasked to finding someone who won’t be able to fill his shoes to work next year’s Super Bowl.